The Advisory Board of Corundum Systems Biology, Professor Eran Segal of Weizmann Institute of Science, was invited to the Nobel Turing Challenge Initiative Workshop 2024 as a Keynote Speaker

[February 14, 2024] Prof. Eran Segal, one of the Advisory Board of Corundum Systems Biology, a group company of Corundum Innovation Co., Ltd.  and a Japanese company that brings together microbiome research and business creation, was invited to the 4th Nobel Turing Challenge Initiative Workshop* as a keynote speaker and gave a presentation.

*The Nobel Turing Challenge is a grand challenge aiming at developing a highly autonomous AI and robotics system that can make major scientific discoveries, some which may be worthy of the Nobel Prize and even beyond.

Accomplishing this challenge requires development of a series of technologies and in-depth understanding of the process of scientific discoveries. From the system development perspective, the challenge is to make a closed-loop system from knowledge acquisition and hypothesis generation and verification to full automation of experiments and data analytics.

Keep your eyes on our advancement going forward.

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Nobel Turing Challenge 


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