Corundum Innovation Co., Ltd. elevates the Power of Convergence with new Boston Location Dedicated to Science and Technology

[Boston, the United States of America, September 1st, 2023] – Pioneering the future of science and technology, Corundum Innovation Co., Ltd. (Corundum Innovation) is proud to announce the unveiling of its newest location in Boston. This expansion marks a significant stride forward in the company’s mission to advance innovation and discovery, by elevating the power of convergence while fostering a dynamic hub for scientific enthusiasts and technological visionaries in the United States.

The Boston facility, strategically located right next to MIT and close to Harvard University, represents Corundum Innovation’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific progress.

The new Boston facility will function to discover investment opportunities and grants on state-of-the-art and groundbreaking research in the domain of microbiomes, neuroscience and AI to enhance scientific convergence. In addition, we believe that opening this location in Boston will enable us to accelerate hands-on collaboration with our partners and portfolios, which will lead to more impactful innovation in society.


About Corundum Innovation

Corundum Innovation Co., Ltd., and Corundum Ventures Ltd. (Hereafter Corundum) provide venture capital (VC) investment and consulting services to investors for both financial and strategic returns. Corundum provides flexible services to COIF’s investors for new business development in various phases with our expertise in science, technology, business development, corporate management, finance and consulting, as well as our strong network with top Israeli VC and the valuable information we can access through fund activities. Corundum’s support includes information gathering, negotiation for partnership, direct investment, market development, HR development, and fund formation.


Corundum Innovation Co., Ltd.