Jointly established a venture investment fund for high-tech sector in Israel. We carefully select and invest in promising startups with our partner companies as the General Partner (GP) and Japanese companies as the Limited Partner (LP). In addition, the information obtained through VC fund investments is used to support new business development.
Examples of investment areas: cleantech and carbon neutral, energy, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, IoT, cybersecurity, life sciences, healthcare, medtech, agritech, foodtech, industry 4.0, automotive, digital media, robotics, and gut microbiome. Robotics, gut microbiome, brain science, neuroscience, etc.

Corundum Open Innovation Fund
The 2nd fund (COIF II) under established

CORUNDUM OPEN INNOVATION (CI) FUND II, L.P. is a venture capital investment fund managed by our partners in Israel. All the members have more than 20-30 years of experience in VC fund, entrepreneurship, angel investment, and PE management in Israel. Our partners have partnered with several top-performing venture capital firms in Israel and invested in their funds to diversify our investments, thereby realizing a broad and deep information network to support strategic investments.
Our partners are currently managing the first fund and are in the process of setting up the second fund.

General Partner

Corundum Open Innovation Ltd.

Investment target

Israel-related high-tech areas, including Europe and US.
Life sciences, artificial intelligence, cleantech/carbon neutral, semiconductors, robotics etc. Contact us for more details.

Operation period

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Investment unit

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Joy Ventures

Joy Ventures

Established in 2017 as an incubation fund for start-up companies in their initial stages. It conducts collaborative projects with many universities and other research institutions to support the commercialization of excellent research results.

Corundum Systems Biology S.à.r.l.

Corundum Systems Biology S.à.r.l.

With the microbiome as its investment theme, the company aims to study the many effects and benefits of gut bacteria on the human body, and to create foods, drugs, and other services that can be used for medical and health care purposes.

Portfolio (Excerpt)

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