Innovation hub

We specialize in the investor's focus theme, and build and operate an innovation hub that adds functions such as incubation and grants to fund investment. It is also possible for companies to use their own funds solely for their own strategies by using schemes such as a partnership.

Performance List

Innovation hub in microbiome

We are an innovation and investment hub that brings together the world's top science in the field of microbiome. It brings together the world's top science to elucidate human mechanisms through the study of intestinal microbiota and metabolites, with the aim of commercialization. This innovation hub is operated by Corundum Systems Biology, Inc. in collaboration with Corundum Innovation Corporation and SBX Corporation.
For more information, please visit the Corundum Systems Biology website.

Innovation hub in brain science

We are an innovation hub that aims to create new industries and businesses in the field of brain science, including sleep and mental health. In addition to investing in startups, the hub provides research grants to world-class universities. This innovation hub is managed by Joy Ventures Ltd., a group company of Corundum Innovation.
For more information, please visit the Joy Ventures website.