Entrepreneurship development

We offer an entrepreneurship training program for students, young researchers at universities, and researchers and engineers at companies to experience the ecosystem of Israel, a startup country on par with Silicon Valley. Participants will learn business development concepts and know-how from prominent Israeli serial entrepreneurs, influential investors and venture capitalists, and university professors specializing in advanced technologies, and will also be provided with opportunities for 1-on-1 sessions on business plans and startup visits.
We will also provide opportunities for one-on-one sessions on business plans and visits to startups. We will also consult with fund investors who use our consulting services about their participation.


Performance List

EDGE-NEXT Program at Waseda University

Corundum Innovation's training program for Israeli entrepreneurs has been held as part of the "EDGE-NEXT" program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Next Generation Entrepreneurship Development Program by Waseda University. (This program is taking place for multiple years.)

Participation of young engineers from investor companies

A company that invested in Corundum Innovation's VC fund invited young engineers who are interested in new business development to participate in this training program as part of their human resource development.