Consulting for business development

Under the consulting service name of Corundum Method Services (CMS), we help create new businesses and increase the value of portfolio companies and investor companies by leveraging information and networks gained through investment activities. Investment activities provide access to non-public information on startups, including non-investment targets, and enable us to build relationships with the local startup community.
At CMS, we provide support for each phase of new business creation and promotion, including strategy formulation, provision of project information, facilitation of meetings, due diligence support, PoC support, on-site visit attendance, direct investment support, CVC/fund formation and operation support, and support for establishing a base in Israel. We provide flexible support for new business development depending on the client's situation. We also offer entrepreneurship training programs for the purpose of simulating business development and human resource development.

Our Strengths

<p>Close communication with the investment team</p>

Close communication with the investment team

We have investment and business development support members in Israel and partnerships with top-performing local VCs. Our local team members have 20-30 years of experience and have established comprehensive and deep relationships with our partners and startups through daily communication in Hebrew, giving them access to a wide range of deep information.

<p>Experienced members in consulting, business development, and corporate management from global companies</p>

Experienced members in consulting, business development, and corporate management from global companies

Our team members have science and engineering backgrounds and have held technical positions in business companies. We understand the technology and business conditions of our clients and startups, and can provide appropriate support.

Performance List

Support for all phases of direct investment by a major machinery manufacturer

Bi-weekly discussions with a large manufacturer on multiple topics. Introduced hundreds of startups and supported all phases including site visits, due diligence, and direct investment in startups with digital technology.

Advisory of collaboration strategies with startups that use MEMS technology

For a chemical manufacturer, we conducted an evaluation of the MEMS field and startups that have an affinity with their core business in line with their business development strategy.